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An act of Synthesis

Our team consists of incredibly talented writers who occasionally like to share their thinking and expertise. Find out more in our articles below.

The power of patient partnerships: Why you should publish patient engagement outputs

Publishing the insights from patient partnership collaborations is a crucial step for pharma companies to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry's approach to patient engagement.

Unlocking the power of co-creation: Patient communities and pharma

Patient engagement is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but a fundamental ‘must-do’ for pharma in an ever-increasing patient-focused future.

6 ways your medical manuscript could benefit from medical writing support

As specialists in writing for the medical field, medical writers are perfectly placed to help overcome the publishing challenges facing clinicians and scientists.

Analysing data and results of a medical scan

8 reasons why journals may reject your manuscripts

Why do so many manuscripts fail to make it to the peer review process, and how can you ensure your manuscripts stand the best possible chances of successful submission?

Writer with hands in head in front of a laptop

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